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Hi, my name is Anton Chernikov.
Exponentials is a consulting business which I founded in 2013. Since then I have worked with dozens of startups and organisations to launch new brands, websites, events, services, products and spaces. From research to strategy and implementation I can deliver results at a fraction of the time and cost of most architectural and creative agencies. I bring a wealth of creative skills and experience as well as a network of freelancers and friends who I can bring into a project if and when there is a need. 

I studied as an architect at UCL in London. I then worked with a wide range of tech startups and social enterprises across multiple industries from recruitment, to education, fin tech and health tech. Since 2017, I've been focussed on real estate and I have been consulting on several large mixed use housing developments across Europe.

During my time in Stockholm I helped launch K9 coliving and Urban Oasis Farming. I now live in London and am the founder of a nature inspired event space called House of Transformation, DEVX and re:build, a network for people and organisations who are building regenerative villages.

If you would like to work with me please get in touch.

I don't do CV's but you can see my Linkedin profile.

Research. Strategy. Branding. Web Design. Digital Marketing. Event Production & Facilitation. Community Building. Placemaking. Interior & Workspace Design. Property Management. No Code Technology Systems. Business Development. Business Coaching.
Our Projects
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House of Transformation


We opened our own experimental design studio and event space called House of Transformation where we run our own experimental events and workshops, whilst testing our own assumptions around how to build authentic communities and design user-friendly, flexible, multi-use and nature inspired buildings and spaces


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A global community of people and organisations who are building regenerative villages and businesses. Our mission is to inspire and embolden a global movement of re:builders who are ready to step into action and build new villages, in both rural and urban locations, that embody and celebrate regenerative values and principles. Each year we host an online global festival and enable physical gatherings that bring together re:builders, landowners and investors to share their expertise and collaborate on new partnerships and projects.


Website Link

Astir & Alive Places


We are leading the placemaking strategy and design for Astir and Alive Places, a new firm in London with a mission of Making Living Better. 

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DEVX & The Festival of Regeneration


We launched the DEVX conference for eco-development and planning and are now partnering with the Isle of Wight council on several projects including the Festival of Regeneration.



We have partnered with the founders of The Workation Village to create a new brand identity called Campfire Retreats that works with VC backed scale up tech companies to craft unique team building experiences in inspiring nature locations.

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We have worked with one of Sweden’s leading property developers Atrium Ljungberg to launch an innovation lab and co-creation process to support the masterplanning and development of NobelBerget. 

Website Link



We have worked with one of Latvia's leading commercial developers NP Properties to create the new sweet spot of Riga, with over 25,000 sqm of offices, apartments, shops, restaurants and event spaces.

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Tech Farm & K9 Coliving


We helped launch a conscious coliving house in Ostermalm, Stockholm for over 50 residents. Tech Farm is now know as K9 Coliving. We created a self-run community around the shared purpose of ‘We Grow Together’.  

Website Link

Urban Oasis


We helped launch an indoor farming business in Stockholm which has now raised over €1.5M in funding.

Website Link

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“The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.”

- John Naisbitt, Futurist

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